3 Steps to Leading Yourself Intentionally: Part III

Perseverance: the third step

I love classical music. When I was a child, I dreamed of playing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue on a beautiful Steinway grand piano in a magnificent gown.

So my mother arranged for my younger sister and me to take piano lessons. Every week, we went for our lessons and we were encouraged to practice.

This is the third and final post in a series about leading oneself intentionally. It was inspired one Sunday morning while listening to a sermon at our church. Let’s learn more about perseverance…

As the weeks went on, my sister’s piano skills improved significantly. I knew my sister was making improvements, however I never gave her efforts much thought. After all, as the oldest I had always been bigger, faster, and stronger. Therefore, in my mind I would be the better piano player.

My sister and I were very competitive. She was always looking for ways to come out of my shadow. Piano lessons gave my sister the opportunity to play on a level playing field. Everyday my sister would come home from school and practice. I, on the other hand, preferred to play with my friends first and practice later.

As the day of our recital drew near, the excitement in our home grew. My mother bought us new outfits and invited our family members. On the big day, we arrived at the hall early to warm up and mentally prepare. The audience was buzzing and the air was heavy with anticipation.

According to the program, I was scheduled to play before my sister. When my turn came, I confidently strolled out to the piano and sat down. While my piece was simplest, my performance was flawless. Several more students played and sister was finally up. She walked out, sat down, and started to play. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She was awesome! I quit piano lessons that day.

So why was my sister so much better than me? One word – perseverance! While I was playing, my sister was practicing. In spite of difficulties, she continued to preserve and over every challenge presented by our piano teacher. Her growth was rewarded with an opportunity to step out of my shadow.

Growth doesn’t happen automatically, and exposure to information or experience doesn’t necessarily change anyone”
– John Maxwell

We grow only when we apply what we have learned.

My sister was intentional in her choices to grow because she applied the knowledge learned from our teacher.

In order to do more, I’ve got to be more.”
– Jim Rohn

Our choices matter! We must be intentional about developing and following a personal growth plan. Each day, we should endeavor to acquire knowledge and put it to use. No one else is tasked with making sure we grow.

While we are growing, we must persevere to achieve our goals.

What challenge do you need to persevere and overcome today?

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Dr. Kim Moore

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