7 Attributes of Leading With Honor

Are YOU Leading With Honor?

During a recent Sunday morning church service, I had the privilege of hearing a very powerful leadership message. The title of this message was “Lead with Honor.”


As I listened to the message, I realized there were several leadership lessons’ to be learned from what was being shared. Allow me to share the message points that inspire me to lead with honor…

Honor is not a word we use much and some would say it is an old-fashioned word. However, as a leader it is a word we should embrace. Why? Whether you are leading yourself, marriage, family, organization or others, it is a pillar of effective leadership.

So what is honor? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, honor has three meanings:

  1. respect that is given to someone who is admired;
  2. good reputation-good quality of character as judged by other people; and
  3. high moral standards of behavior.

Every leader should possess these qualities.

Honor cannot be demanded, it must be earned! As the message reminded me, “leadership is not domination.” Can you earn honor? Yes!

We live in a society where the word honor is normally associated with military service; however leading with honor is an important concept for all leaders.

Small choices made today will make a big difference tomorrow. How do we earn honor? The message shared the following seven attributes which will help us earn honor:

  • Reject passivity – leaders are problem solvers and prone to action
  • Accept responsibility – leaders can delegate authority but never responsibility
  • Keep your promises – your word is your bond
  • Give honor and be honorable – live by a set of values which model integrity
  • Serve and work under authority – if we want to lead others, we must be willing to follow
  • Be committed and courageous – do the right thing even when it is hard and no one is looking
  • Possess an attitude of honor – our attitude determines how we treat others

Without honor, there is no leadership. Amy Lyman wrote, “A trustworthy leader’s actions that convey the honor of his position, the honor with which he treats people and the honor that he feels as a leader are what matter.

When a trustworthy leader acts with humility, is respectful of others and uses the power of his position and his personal power to the benefit of others, then he is honorable.”

Remember, it is easy to stand by and complain but it is difficult to lead. To be an effective leader, lead with honor, being respectful and trustworthy.

Are YOU leading with honor? If so, scroll down to the comment box and share how…

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