4 Essential Components for Overcoming Obstacles | Video Podcast MLM0205

Do you have GRIT?

Welcome to the MOORE Leadership Moment video podcast with your host, Dr. Kim Moore, guiding you to lead with confidence!

In this week’s episode, Dr. Moore talks about the power of GRIT, and how its four components are essential for overcoming obstacles.

5 Practices for Dealing with Disappointment

How do you respond to disappointment?

Have you ever been disappointed? During a recent meeting, I had the opportunity to speak with a young leader who was very upset.

Photo by Franke Reymark

When I asked, what was wrong, the flood gates of disappoint poured out. This emerging leader was upset because he didn’t get a promotion.

3 Keys to Leading Yourself Intentionally | Video Podcast MLM0204

Truth | Training | Perseverance

Welcome to this week’s episode of the MOORE Leadership Moment video podcast with Dr. Kim Moore, guiding you to lead with confidence!

In this episode, Dr. Moore shares three attributes which are key to leading yourself intentionally: truth, training and perseverance. She challenges leaders to determine which attribute is most important for them …

Hillsborough commissioners, School Board focus on student training

Tampa Bay Times
July 12, 2015

By Karen Ring, Times Correspondent

TAMPA — County commissioners recently agreed to support a partnership with the Hillsborough County School Board to enhance manufacturing skills training for local high school students.

Middleton High principal Dr. Kim Moore expressed excitement about the new changes.

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