Because I Said So!

How many times have you heard the phrase “because I said so”? When I was a child my mother used it and I have to admit as a parent I have also uttered those words. Normally these words were spoken when my mother’s frustration level was high and I knew from her tone that it was in my best interest to complete the assigned task. While the phrase may work for you as a parent, as a leader, we must endeavor beyond position or coercion to move individuals to action.

Okay, so how do you encourage individuals to move beyond their comfort zone? The answer is simple “Leadership”. Yes, I know what you are thinking – leadership is not simple. While leadership may be complex, remember leadership is influence and through our influence we can move individuals to accomplish great and mighty tasks. Effective leaders add value to others through their influence. According to John Maxwell, leaders must have:

Integrity with people
Nurture people
Faith in people
Listen to people
Understand people
Enlarge people
Navigate for people
Connect with people
Empower others
Reproduce others

The Law of E.F. Hutton states, “When the real leader speaks, people listen”. Why? Because they influence others. In order to increase your influence, you must grow as a leader. As your ability to influence others grows, the phrase “because I said so” will become useless in your lexicon.

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Dr. Kim Moore

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