Becoming a Person of Influence

WOW!  Our last webinar was a big hit!  I recieved numerous comments including “very inspirational”, “great session” and “powerful information”.  Thank you all for being so thoughtful.  My goal is to add value to you and I pray that you are receiving it!  I’d also like to thank the Career Services folks at APICS Tampa Bay for the privilege of hosting the webinar for their members.

Our next webinar is “Becoming a Person of Influence” and will take place on Tuesday, March 19th from 8:00-9:00PM.  Whether your desire is to build a business, strengthen your children, or reach the world, you can achieve it by raising your level of influence in the lives of others.  In this webinar, you will learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others.  Live them and your personal and organizational success will go off the charts!

The Becoming a Person of Influence webinar is sponsored by the Career Services folks at APICS Tampa Bay so you can register for free at  Don’t miss it!


Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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