How to Achieve Your Greatest Return

What are you willing to trade-off to achieve your goals?

Our oldest daughter, who lives out-of-state, earned her Doctoral degree in Pharmacy. While the majority of her classmates entered the workforce after graduation, our daughter applied for a clinical pharmacy residency program.

We were very excited when she was selected!

2 Tips for Giving Effective Instructions

Are you setting-up your team for success?

Have you ever turned over a major project to someone and things didn’t turn out well? As a leader, we have all had that experience.

Photo by Alexis Brown

Once, our organization hosted a major event which I would normally oversee preparations. However, this time I empowered another member of my team to make it happen…

3 Tips for Motivating Your Team

Are you inspiring your team to succeed?

Have you ever been involved in organization changes which resulted in your team acquiring more work without obtaining additional resources?

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia

I certainly have! Our team experienced several staffing changes resulting in us taking on new responsibilities. I would love to say everyone was happy about the changes, but that would not be a true statement.

5 Practices for Dealing with Disappointment

How do you respond to disappointment?

Have you ever been disappointed? During a recent meeting, I had the opportunity to speak with a young leader who was very upset.

Photo by Franke Reymark

When I asked, what was wrong, the flood gates of disappoint poured out. This emerging leader was upset because he didn’t get a promotion.