Do People Listen When You Speak?

Do you remember the commercial for E. F. Hutton? In the commercial, the announcer says “when E. F. Hutton speaks everyone listens”. This is the second blog in a series on Becoming a Person of Influence. As we continue our journey this week, we will discuss increasing your influence. Do your children or spouse listen when you speak? Does your boss, customer, or colleague seek your advice? Are you the E. F. Hutton of your organization? If your answer is no, that is okay because you can increase your influence by adding tools to your toolbox.

In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C.Maxwell, the Law of E. F. Hutton states when the real leader speaks, people listen. As you increase your understanding of influence, so will your influence with others. Do people listen when you speak? Yes, because you have influence, but do you know why? I learned this lesson as a child, when my family would gather for the holidays. My cousins always followed my lead, however I did not understand why. It wasn’t until my leadership knowledge increased that I understood why I was able to influence others.

In order to increase your influence, you must first complete your influence inventory. Your responses to the following six questions will serve as the starting point of your journey.
– Who do you influence?
– How do you influence others?
– How many do you influence?
– When do you influence others?
– Why do you influence others?
– Where do You influence others?

I encourage you to reflect and answer each question. Your responses will assist you with understanding how to achieved the level of success you desire. Remember: you attract who you are, not who you want. Your level of commitment will determine your level of growth. Remember your goal is to increase your influence and positively impact others.

For those of you who requested a copy of the “Becoming a Person of Influence” presentation a summary can be viewed here:  Becoming a Person of Influence Presentation Summary.  My next webinar will be Tuesday, April 16th at 8 pm. During the webinar, we will discuss How to be a REAL Success. Please register at It will be an exciting and informative time. I hope you will join me.

As you answer the questions in your influence inventory, please reflect on the following quote from John Maxwell and Jim Dorn, “Influence doesn’t come to us instantaneously. It grows by stages”.

Question:  When you speak, who is listening to you?

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