Dress for Success

You're in the Chair, Now What?

Do you remember the first day of school? While I wasn’t always excited to return to school, I was always excited about the first day of school.

Dress for Success

Why? I loved wearing my new outfit on the first day!

To prepare for school, my friends and I would discuss and plan our outfits. My mother would take my sisters and me shopping for our back to school clothing. We would spend all day trying on dresses, skirts, shirts, and jeans. Of course, my mother had to approve every piece of clothing.

Once we had our look, we would move on to shoes and sneakers. Next on the list were accessories to include purse, jacket, hat, socks, and jewelry. Last and most important were school supplies including the Book Bag, better known today as a backpack.

Everything had to match and coordinate with each other to achieve maximum impact.

As I moved from elementary to junior high and then high school, the first day outfit became more important. The wrong outfit could ruin your entire day and send your social status down the wrong path. Therefore, it was very important to dress for success.

What does it mean to dress for success? When I was in the military, I never concerned myself with what to wear. The army has a prescribed uniform, however when I retired I found myself asking once again what does it mean to dress for success?

Now that you are in the chair, what does it mean to dress for success? Well it depends on the environment. Every organization has its own “dress code.” For example, the government dress code is conservative, whereas the music industry is trendier.

Why is it important to dress for success? Your appearance can define how others perceive you. If your culture is business causal and you show up in a tuxedo, awkward!!!

So what are the keys to dressing for success?

  • Dress for one level up: Look at what your boss is wearing.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: Your clothing should fit and not require constant adjusting.
  • Check you grooming: Remember less is better, especially when it comes to perfume or cologne.
  • Minimize accessories: Jewelry, watches, or accessories should complement not out shine your outfit.
  • Distinguish yourself: Select a signature look, i.e. socks, bow ties, or brooch, to set yourself apart.

Now that you are in the chair, how will you build a wardrobe to compliment your position?

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Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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