Everything You Want in Life Requires Intentionality

The 7 Day Experiment: Day 7

Graduation is a very important day for students, families, friends and school personnel. It is recognition of success. Graduation validates our hard work and commitment. It is especially important for high school students.

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While some students enter high school focused on graduation, for most students it’s four years away and not on their radar. However, during the next four years it moves from the bottom of the list to first on list. Why do you think that happens?

My seventh and final post in this series based on the 7 Day Intentional Living Experiment, leading a life of significance, is “everything you want in life requires intentionality.” Let me tell you how many students get what they want by becoming intentional…

When students enter their senior year, they return to school with an air of anticipation. They realize every choice they have made over the course their high school experience has brought them to this point. The question which has been following them for three years, “Am I am going to graduate?” finally moves to the fore front.

They anxiously wait to meet with their counselor to conduct credit checks and review graduation requirements. As they emerge from the counselor’s office, I can tell by their body language if the answer is “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”.

Over the next 10 months, everyone is working towards graduation. As the date draws closer, the air is heavy with anticipation. As spring approaches, a sense of urgency takes over the campus. Many students who were a “maybe” or “no” move to the yes category. Why? Intentional anticipation. They focus their actions on achieving their goal to graduate.

What is intentional anticipation? Intentional anticipation is a proactive sense of urgency that will inspire us to lead our lives instead of reacting to life.

Anticipation is a key that unlocks the doors to abundance thinking.”
– John Maxwell

How can intentional anticipation help us as leaders? Jim Rohn said, “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.” In his book Intentional Living, Maxwell offers the following five reasons why leaders should create intentional anticipation:

  1. Causes us to value today
  2. Prompts us to prepare
  3. Helps us generate good ideas
  4. Prompts us to look for ways to help others
  5. Helps us possess an abundance mindset

Just like students preparing for graduation, our daily choices will determine our success. Transformational leaders are intentional with their choices.

A transformational leader intentionally engages people to think and act in such a way that it makes a positive difference in their lives of others.”
– John Maxwell

What intentional steps will you take to help someone get what they want out of life?

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