Hide and Seek

How many of you remember playing the game “hide and seek” when you were a child? When my children were young, it was one of their favorite games. They would run and laugh, while looking in the most obvious places. They enjoyed the game as long as they could find me within 5 minutes. However, if I chose a difficult hiding place they became very frustrated and quit playing. Why? They enjoyed playing the game, however did not like being in a position where they could not be successful. My children felt like they did not have control over the outcome because of their position.

Do you feel like you are playing a game of leadership hide and seek? Well, you are not alone. If you believe your influence is based on your title or position, then like my children you will become frustrated by your lack of success. In order to understand and expand your influence, you must start leading right where you are. The world is full of people with titles and little influence. Why? The answer is simple according to Stanley Huffy, “The position doesn’t make the leader, the leader makes the position.” Remember leadership is influence, therefore you are leader!

It does not matter where you sit in your organization or the position you have, you can influence others. Your influence will be positive or negative. How many of you have interacted with a difficult person? After the experience what were your thoughts? As a parent, spouse, neighbor, employee, supervisor, team member or customer, you have the ability to add value to others through your actions. As your influence grows so does responsibility. Leadership requires sacrifice. To increase your influence grow yourself and seek to add value to others.

My next webinar will be Tuesday, May 21st at 8 pm. Our webinar topic is Leadership Gold: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Leadership. Please register at http://www.tinyurl.com/atb-052113. It will be an exciting and informative time. I look forward to you joining us!

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Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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  • Cecilia Gamble

    Excellent Kim, just the word needed for where I am today. Thank you for sharing.

  • Janina

    Hi Kim, great post and blog in general. I attended you webinar on leadership gold and loved every bit of it. I was wondering, where can I get a hold of the powerpoint presentation? A summary of it would be just fine.

  • Janina