How Sharp are Your Senses?

This summer Superman will come to theaters and entertain audiences. The movie has generated a tremendous buzz and is expected to be a box office hit. I remember watching Superman on television as a child and I was captivated by his super abilities. Superman has X-ray vision, extraordinary hearing, and super strength. In addition, he could fly and bullets bounced off his body. I wanted to posses the same abilities, however I was from Earth and not the planet Krypton!

So why do we like superheroes? Maybe its because they have heighten senses and
abilities which allow them to perform impossible feats. As a leader, it is important to
develop your senses. When you influence is just as important as how you influence
others. You’ve heard the expression “ahead of his time” used to describe leaders who
were successful and failures. How can both types of leaders be described using the
same term? Well, the answer is found in the sharpness of leader’s senses. If the
leader has worked on sharpening his “leader sense”, then he or she will viewed as a
super leader like Superman. However, if the leader has not honed his or her skills then they
will resemble Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent.

So how can you sharpen your “leader sense”? In their book “Becoming a Person of Influence”, John Maxwell and Jim Dornan identify leaders as readers because timing is everything. If you want to increase your influence you need to give your senses a tune-up. As a leader, do you seek out:
– Teachable Moments
– Breakthrough Experiences
– Catalyst Times

To expand your influence, you must be sensitive to the critical moments when you can
influence the situation. Look for teaching opportunities which allow you to share your
vision. Leaders can create breakthrough experiences by being in tune with people.
Timing is critical because people must be emotionally ready for change. Leaders
understand without change there is no growth.

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Question: How sharp are your leader senses?

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Dr. Kim Moore

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