Intentional Mealtime Conversation

The 7 Day Experiment: Day 5

When I was a little girl one of my favorite activities in the summer was making ice cream at my great grandparent’s house.


The days were hot and we would run through the sprinklers giggling and laughing to cool off. When my great grandparents would announce we were going to make ice cream, we would scream and cheer!

My fifth post in this series is “Intentional Mealtime Conversation” based on the Intentional Living 7 Day Experiment, leading a life of significance. So what does ice cream have to do with intentional conversation? Let me tell you what happened next…

We would sit on the porch and take turns watching the cream and sugar churn into the best tasting peach ice cream. I would sit and listen to my elders, talk and share their hopes and dreams. My great grandparents would ask probing questions and guide the conversation. I would sit quietly soaking up their words of wisdom.

Effective leaders understand “relationships are the glue that holds team members together” (Maxwell). My great grandparents were masters at connecting with others. They would intently listen as my aunts and uncles would respond to their questions. I remember my Great Grandmother would treat everyone as if they were the most important person in the world.

Connecting with like-minded people will strengthen our leadership and help us achieve our dreams. Everything we do depend on teamwork, therefore intentional conversations are critical to connecting and building relationship with like-minded people.

Leaders make a difference. So how do we attract like-minded people? The following nine factors from Maxwell’s Intentional Living will assist us in identifying and connecting with like-minded people to make a difference:

  1. Opportunity factor – Seek out opportunities to make a difference
  2. Belief factor – Be open and receptive to others, who are seeking you to help make a difference
  3. Possibility factor – Be willing to make sacrifices and trade-offs to make a difference
  4. Faith factor – Strengthen your faith to over fear and achieve
  5. Challenge factor – Move beyond your comfort zone to achieve big audacious goals
  6. Attitude factor – maintain a positive attitude in spite of the situation
  7. Winning factor – Dream dreams bigger than yourself
  8. Promise factor – Commit to a path with great promise
  9. Invitation factor – Invite and welcome others to help us

Always remember, the heart comes before the head”
– John Maxwell

Take time to sit down and listen to others. Intentional conversations will create opportunities to connect with like-minded people. Questions are the key to unlocking and opening the door to intentional conversations.

To connect with like-minded people and make a difference, we must be intentional in our conversations.

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Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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  • Kim,
    You and James have made a positive difference in our life’s.
    Happy thanksgiving.

  • Francois Deforges

    Thank you Kim

    It is a great story!
    Teamwork aways makes a difference to accomplish goals.

    We need to make sure our kids don’t become individualist and watch after each other. So at home with my girls we try to work as a team, cooking meal together, wash the car together instead runing to the car wash, built our Christmas tree or doing the chores! Don’t give me wrong it is challenging sometimes as a human being we are individualist and we want to do our own thing witch today for kids is being on their electronic. But as parents we need to stand up and do the right thing so our kids get ready for the real working world!

    Thank you for the great post and your inspiration.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Anonymous

    I could visualize you children and great grand parents, Mrs F and Pops. Brought back memories.
    Keep inspiring .

  • Creating memories with our friends and family helps us live a life of significance..