Leadership Lessons from Cannes, France

Tour Guide or Travel Agent, Part II

This week’s tour guide leadership lesson took place in the port of Cannes, France.

Cannes - Lucy

The day started with another speedy breakfast in the ship’s main restaurant, with great service. Our day’s excursion was to visit the countries of France and Monaco.

This is my second post on leadership lessons learned from tour guides during our summer vacation cruise of the Western Mediterranean.

We joined our son and daughter in the staging area as we waited to board the tender. The tender was one of the smoothest we’ve experienced. We were off to a good start for what we expected to be a great day!

As we boarded our transport we were greeted by our guide, Lucy, who would be our leader for the day. The Law of Navigation states anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course (Maxwell, 2007). Therefore, as the leader goes, so do the people.

Lucy was wonderful. Her knowledge was extensive and she was extremely pleasant. Lucy masterfully guided us through Cannes and Monaco.

Monaco is fascinating country of contrast compared to its neighbors, France and Italy. The lifestyle is laid back and the people were warm and friendly. While very small, it’s very wealthy. Expensive cars, large yachts, designer clothes and jewelry are the norm.

The crown jewel of Monaco, the Casino de Monte-Carlo, is a magnificent example of architectural excellence. It is a living museum, with breath-taking beauty. Lucy’s knowledge and expertise reflected the culture of the country.

As we gazed at the beauty of the Casino and listened to Lucy, one my favorite quotes came to mind.

The only adequate preparation for tomorrow is the right use of today”
– Dr. John C. Maxwell

In Chapter 2 of John Maxwell’s book Today Matters (2004), Maxwell outlines how today can become a masterpiece. As a leader, it is our responsibility to chart the course for others.

Planning and preparation are the keys to success. It was evident Lucy had spent time preparing by studying and walking the terrain. She effortlessly guided us through Cannes and Monaco, while regaling us with facts and stories. Lucy responded to the standard and off-the-wall questions from our group with confidence. Because of her hard work, planning, and preparation our excursion was one of the favorites of our vacation. Lucy created a masterpiece.

In the end, it’s not the size of the project that determines its acceptance, support, and success. It’s the size of the leader”
– Dr. John C. Maxwell

As a leader, what are you doing to make sure today is a masterpiece?

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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