4 Steps to Change Your Mindset from Fixed to Growth | Video Podcast MLM0218

Is your mindset fixed?

Welcome to this week’s episode of the MOORE Leadership Moment video podcast with your host, Dr. Kim Moore, guiding you to lead with confidence!

This week Dr. Moore will share why it’s important to have a growth mindset, and 4 steps to change from a fixed mindset, to a growth mindset.

Who and What are Important in Your Life?

Align Your Priorities!

As a leader, there are numerous demands on your time. When I was appointed as the new leader of my organization, I was excited and concerned, and wanted to prove myself as a leader.

It was a very hectic time as we were preparing for the end of our year. There were numerous activities, including end of year celebrations, rehearsals, and testing.

5 Techniques to Increase Your Influence | Video Podcast MLM0217

Are you managing or influencing?

Welcome to the MOORE Leadership Moment video podcast, with your host Dr. Kim Moore, guiding you to lead with confidence.

We all know that a leader’s success is dependent upon others In this week’s episode Dr. Moore will share 5 techniques for increasing your influence.

How to Make Your Team More Creative

Are you getting the most out of your team?

When I was working on my doctoral degree, several of my courses required us to complete group projects. I remember experiencing the highs and lows of group projects.

Photo by Jamie W. Cummings

In one course the professor assigned the team members. Since the course was on-line, our team was spread across the country, and one member was in Africa.