Progress, not Perfection

4 Tools to Help Youth Help Themselves and Others, Part V

I’m an avid sports fan! During football season, I will watch three games every Sunday. While I enjoy football, I absolutely love the Olympics!


Every two years, I spend three weeks glued to my television watching the best athletes complete on the biggest stage in the world. I cheer for the winners and scream for the losers.

While I enjoy watching the different events, the best part of the Olympics are the individual stories. The back stories allow us to glimpse the sacrifices and the hard work of the athletes. Watching their personal stories allows us to connect with the athletes and reminds us they are regular people, just like us. Their humility, combined with their willingness to be a national role model, make them winners.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Kim, they are the best athletes in world and not a regular person, like me. Yes, they are excellent athletes, but they weren’t born with gold medals around their necks. So how did they become the best at their sport? They understood dedication to improvement.

Every Olympian’s goal is daily progress! They understand success is hard work!

To help your teenager to move towards progress, help them understand the difference between pride and humility.

According to Ezra Taft Benson, “Pride is concerned about who is right. Humility is concerned about what is right.” In his book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens, Dr. John Maxwell identifies four choices, which will determine your teenager’s ability to be successful.

  1. Blame vs. Responsibility
  2. Denial vs. Ownership
  3. Closed Mindedness vs. Ingenuity
  4. Insecurity vs. Confidence

It is important for teenagers to move from pride to humility to develop a spirit of learning and progress towards success.

Successful leaders understand it is our daily choices, which determine our success. The following actions will help your teenage move towards success.

  • Choose and strive for daily improvement
  • Move beyond their comfort zone
  • Fail forward

The world today is filled with complexities and teenagers are bombarded with many different pressures. Therefore, we have to equip them with skills to progress towards success.

Today’s teenagers are today’s leaders! Helping them to make positive choices every day will help them move towards success.

How are you supporting your teenager’s progress towards success?

Your friend,

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Dr. Kim Moore

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