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The 7 Day Experiment: Day 1

When our children were young, we established routines to help our household run smoothly. As you can imagine, managing the schedules of five children and two working adults can be challenging.

Day 1 - Family PrioritiesOne phrase my children heard frequently was “do what you have to do first, and then you can do what you want.”

This post is the first is a series based on the 7 Day Experiment, intentional living to lead a life of significance. Now, lets continue our story…

As our children left for college, we would again remind them to “do what you have to do first, then you can do what you want.” Our middle son asked me “why do you keep saying that mother?’ I explained, what we spend time on first will get our best efforts and reflects what we value. My son is now married and stationed overseas. While he has a very demanding job, he has made it a priority to spend time his off duty time with his wife.

Why is it important to make your family a priority? Because relationships can’t survive on leftovers.

In the hectic pace of today’s world, we can unconsciously neglect our most cherished relationships. In Chapter 6 of John Maxwell’s book Today Matters (2004), Maxwell reminds us our family gives us stability.

As the senior leader in my organization, my calendar fills up very quickly. So where does my family fit into my daily agenda? I must prioritize time for my loved ones by putting them on my calendar first. Our relationships with friends and family are too vital to overlook, because they bring much-needed peace and stability to our lives.

So how do we find balance between work and family? Here are six steps from Today Matters to ensure we strengthen our relationships:

  1. Put your family on your calendar first
  2. Create and maintain family traditions
  3. Find intentional ways to spend time together
  4. Keep your marriage healthy first
  5. Express appreciation for each other
  6. Be honest and resolve conflict as quickly as possible

While you can’t do much about your ancestors, you can influence your descendants greatly”
– John C. Maxwell

Our family offers us a secure environment filled with love. It’s a safe place to fail, grow and learn. However, our family requires time and work. The secret to our success is our daily agenda. Every day, we need to work on strengthening and earning the love and respect of those closest to us.

Where does your family fit in your priorities?

Try Day 1 of the free 7 Day Experiment and let me know…

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore

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