The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth


I learned a few nuggets that have the potential to make significant impacts in my life. The change in thought process of “Can I?” to “how can I?” is huge”


This course opened my eyes to practical truths to help me grow. I am thankful for the group setting and the steps & guidelines I can use to planmy own growth.


I would recommend this course to anyone. I have more couragte to move forward in my life. I know that I have a purpose, but this course & Kim’s teaching have helped me to confirm my purpose & have provided some principles to help me to continue moving forward and to keep my motives in check.  I am not a person who likes taking risk, but I am learning that I can not grow without taking some risks.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Dan C.

The workshop was very informative and motivational. I believe it will enhance my leadership skills and influence on the job.

Michael S.

Great presentation by a good speaker.

Jeff B.

Everyone is a leader in some aspect of their life, this course helps one to create more leaders so it can spread from you like a virus.

Anwut W.

The workshop is very motivational and can be beneficial to wide ranges of people.

Sebastian L.

The workshop showed me the value of improving oneself as a leader.

Roth M.

This workshop was a big wake-up call on what I need to work on to be a great leader in our society.

Linda L.

I learned so much about myself and how to inspire others to grow.

Jim L.

Great application principles for life and workplace.

Steve Q.

This workshop brings to life several things necessary to be an effective leader.

Jenny C.

Excellent job of explaining how to identify and use your talent.


Kim’s workshop was great. She explains the 21 Laws in a way that I can relate them to my role in my company.

Marcos R.

A great foundation and guide for anyone trying to be a leader.


I am becoming aware of the fact that everyone is a leader to one extent or another. I have many good leadership traits and some not-so-good. To become aware is the start.

Stephanie A.

It’s important to be a leader with respect. Surrounding yourself with the right people.


These laws are a good insight on life.

Steven M.

This workshop opened my eyes to the possibility of improving in this vital area.

Brenda A.

Today’s class taught me that I need to learn to put aside emotion when making decisions.

Charles D.

I think this course was very beneficial to me as a growing, young leader. I will use the lessons I learned today everyday as I continue to pursue my vision & the visions of my co-workers, friends and family.

Steve K.

Class was great. I would recommend it to all leaders to grow their leader skills.

Pat G.

Kim is a dynamic, supportive speaker. She knows her stuff and impresses the audience.

Ruby B.

Great workshop; helped me to see the importance of good leadership & how to develop those skills.

Kelly M.

is a powerful speaker and kept me fully engaged to pave my road for continued success.

Lisa A.

Kim helped me to realize the potential I have in becoming a successful leader.

Ted M.

This workshop is very stimulating. Opens the mind up for better ideas.

Nidia M.

This workshop will help me to be a better team player and a better leader, in any group I work with.

James M.

If I wouldn’t have come to the workshop I would not nebome the leader I’m supposed to be. Gives me much more to learn & motivate.

Beth R.

You gave us such great information and you did “add so much” to the workshop.

Joseph O.

Great training for all leaders at all stages of their leadership journey.


Developing the Leaders Around You

Paul W.

Exceeded my expectations. Great topic explained simply & powerfully.

Veronica R.

The John C. Maxwell leadership workshop was great advice on how to develop a leader.

Becky B.

I found this workshop to be most helpful in dealing with volunteers & recruitment.

Jerry C.

Insightful, well-organized and presented. If you didn’t get a take-away, you weren’t listening!

Keila L.

It is a wonderful tool, there are so many questions that we do not normally ask ourself when evaluating others, we might be loosing the opportunity to promote a person.

Steve K.

The workshop was very relate-able to workplace issues and I now have some better tools and ideas to combat them.

Chris R.

This class opened my eyes to stagnant areas in my personal growth that will allow me to improve.

Peter M.

This workshop enabled me to create a road-map not just to my own leadership potential, but for the leadership of those I work with.







Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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