The Gift of Joy

Who are you giving the gift of joy?

imageDuring the Christmas season, the song Joy to the World will be played numerous times. Have you ever considered the true meaning of the word joy? Joy is a simple word with a deep meaning. It is defined as the emotion of great happiness, therefore we could say “Great Happiness to the World”. As a person of faith, the lyrics of Joy to World reminds me of the precious gift of our Savior.

As a leader, we have the privilege to influence others. Our goal should be to create win-win relationships. We can either lift people up or take them down. Hopefully, we are lifting people up by adding value to individuals. Are you adding joy to others? In his book “Winning with People”, John Maxwell describes our ability to add joy to others as the Satisfaction Principle.

The Satisfaction Principle states “In great relationships, the joy of being together is enough.” So during this Christmas season, how can you begin to build great relationships? Do you need to buy expensive gifts? Host elaborate parties? Out decorate your neighbors? No! The following four factors from John Maxwell will help to create the right climate for relationships where simply being together is enough:

  • Shared Memories Create a Bonded Environment – Spend time creating memories which will out last the fancy expensive gift.
  • Growing Together Creates a Committed Environment – Growth is intentional, therefore we must work on sustaining our relationships.
  • Mutual Respect Creates a Healthy Environment – Trust is the foundation of all relationships. As our trust grows so does our level of respect.
  • Unconditional Love Creates a Safe Environment – When we are loved unconditionally, we are free to be who we were created to be.

Now, I know you’re thinking “great advice” but what does the Satisfaction Principle look like and is it really attainable? Yes it is!

My father and his best friends were friends for over 50 years. They met in the Army and became life long friends. When I went to visit, I would watch them sit around watching sports not saying a word to each other, however they were not all sports fans. They would meet every morning at a local restaurant for breakfasts but they weren’t all morning people. While my father was not an outdoorsman, he would go fishing and hunting with his buddies. When my father passed away, his best friends helped me bury him. Their friendships survived distance, marriages, divorce, prodigal children and cancer.

As you gather with friends and family, apply the Satisfaction Principle and begin to create relationships where the joy of being together is enough.

A joy shared is a joy doubled”
– Jonathan Wolfgang Von Goethe

The next time you hear the song Joy to the World ask yourself, who are you giving the gift of Joy?

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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