The Power of Hope

HopeHow do we learn from our mistakes or disappointments? I recently had a conversation with colleague who was diagnosed with breast cancer. We had a long discussion about the impact of the diagnosis on her life. Of course she had numerous questions. What would life be like after surgery? How will her children handle the situation? As she reflected on the long-term effects on her family, we discussed her disappointment. As a cancer survivor, I can relate to her concerns.

So how do we face our disappointments and move to a place where learning and growth can take place? Norman Cousins said “The main trouble with despair is that it is self-fulfilling.” Well the first step is to control our thoughts and never lose hope. Life is difficult and we will face many challenges, however we must think upon things that will build our lives. John Maxwell once said, “Hope is inspiring. It gives us the motivation for living and learning.”

One of my favorite quotes is “Leaders are dealers in hope” by General Napoleon Bonaparte. As a leader, we can never lose sight of our impact on others. We must harness the power of hope to inspire others to achieve. Winston Churchill understood the power hope. His leadership inspired Britain during the World War II blitzkrieg. In the face of impossible odds, hope was a beacon of light during a very dark time. Hope is the difference maker!

Hope is a choice, therefore anyone can have it. In his book Sometimes You Win-Sometimes You Learn, Maxwell writes “Hope is in the DNA of men and women who learn from their losses. When times are tough, they choose hope, knowing that it will motivate them to learn and turn them from victims into victors.” It takes courage to choose hope. I encourage you to choose hope today. Your life will never be the same.

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Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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