The Power of Preparation

Are you prepared for success?

Do you have SMART goals? I hope your answer is a resounding YES! So how can you achieve your goals?

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Preparation! According to Louis Pasteur, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Success is not the result of luck, it begins with preparation.

When I retired from the military, I wasn’t sure what my next career move should be. I worked with a placement firm to determine which career would meet my need to add value to others. A good friend, who was also a retired military officer and became a teacher, encouraged me to become an educator.

When I asked him, what he enjoyed about teaching, he said “the kids.” You see he is a “big kid” who enjoyed helping others enjoy life. He said, “I help students achieve their goals.” As my friend continued to share stories about the students, I found myself thinking “could I be a teacher?”

After discussing an education career with my husband, I decided to become a teacher. I was hired as a 9th grade science teacher. My first year of teaching was challenging. Why? Because I don’t have a have degree in education. My bachelor’s degree is in biology and chemistry. While I knew science, I was learning to teach while doing the job!

I would teach all day and then go to school at night to complete the state required education courses. On nights when there was no school, after preparing dinner, I would spend four to five hours doing homework and preparing my lessons for the next day. It was a very challenging time, however at the end of a year I had successfully completed all required courses. Also, I was rated as an effective teacher by my boss.

So how did I manage to get everything done in one year and be successful? Preparation! Yes, preparation was the key to achieving my goal. Why is preparation so important? Because it is the key to success! Bobby Unser said, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

If you want to accomplish SMART goals, start preparing today.

The choices we make today determine tomorrow’s success. How can you effectively prepare today for tomorrows success? Wale Oladipo offers four steps to improve the quality of your preparation:

  1. Select three activities you can do daily to support your goal
  2. Do the three activities every day
  3. Overcome the challenges that draw you away from your daily activities
  4. Maintain your focus and be patient

Success does not happen overnight. In his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcom Gladwell offers numerous examples of success. While the individuals recognized by Gladwell found success in different fields and industries, the one thing they have in common is preparation.

Are you prepared for success?

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore, guiding you to lead with confidence!

Dr. Kim Moore

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