What’s Your Style?

In my youth, my friends and I would discuss fashion. We would copy the styles from magazines and music stars. One of our favorite shows was American Bandstand and we would change our choice in clothing based on the newest fad reflected on the show. Well, as a parent, I watched my children go through the same rite of passage. They would discuss preppie versus skater or surfer. As a parent, I encouraged them to consider what message they where communicating with their choices. As leaders we must consider the message we are communicating when we employ different methods of influence. Dr. John C. Maxwell says to increase your influence, remembering how you influence people will determine how many, how long, and how effectively you influence them.

Last week I encouraged you to complete an influence inventory. If you are like me, the questions generated a great deal of reflection and thought, which is critical for your growth as a leader. The how and why questions, in particular, required a deeper dive. So, how do you influence others? Below are seven methods of influence from worst to best identified by Maxwell. As you review them reflect on which methods you use frequently:
– Force
– Intimidation
– Manipulation
– Position
– Exchange
– Persuasion
– Respect

By using positive methods of influence, you will increase the number of people you influence. The Charisma Principle states that “people are interested in the person who is interested in them”.

Question: What is your style?


Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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