When Was Your Last Vacation? Epilogue

Three Reasons Leaders Should Take a Vacation

I ‘m at the end of my official vacation, back home, ready to unpack…

However, I must tell you that taking time off as a leader has given me several awesome opportunities for “me time”, and can do the same for you!

My first opportunity was to relax and unwind. Second, my vacation gave me an opportunity to unplug and create opportunities for fresh thinking and new ideas. Third, it gave me an opportunity to have some fun!

Just because the official part of the vacation is over does not mean we have to stop doing those things that we do when we are on vacation.

Moving forward, how are you as a leader going to plan your day and your time so that you incorporate opportunities  to relax and rejuvenate, unplug and create thinking time as well as put some fun into your schedule?

That’s what I am going to do to make sure that I continue my vacation throughout the remainder of the year, as well as being prepared for my next vacation, when that time comes.

Have a great vacation!

Your friend,


Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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