When Was Your Last Vacation? Part III

Three Reasons Leaders Should Take a Vacation

I love technology! I am Apple Fangirl! Every day as I leave for work I mentally run through my technology check list: iPad-check, Apple Watch-check, and iPhone-check!


In addition to my devices, I carry three chargers with Apple connectors. I also carry my work laptop.

My technology is so important to me that when I am shopping for a new purse, my iPad must fit before I will purchase the purse. I know you are thinking, she is crazy!

Now before you judge me, let me ask how do you feel when you leave your phone home? Do you check Facebook or Twitter every hour? Do you text your friend who is sitting next to you? So I guess you are just as plugged in as I am!

As you can imagine it is very hard for me to unplug. So when I go on vacation one of my goals is to unplug. To help me accomplish my goal, my husband and I go on cruises. Once we set sail, we turn off all of our devices and place them in the safe. We don’t check email, text messages, Facebook or Twitter while we are on vacation.

While technology gives us around the clock access, it also makes us accessible around the clock.

As leaders, we live in a 24/7 wired world. Therefore, it is more important for leaders to take a vacation. Yes, I know it is extremely hard but it is very important to you and your team.

According to Michelle Tenzyk, “Leaders who practice regular time off, truly unplug, relax, and enjoy are empowered leaders with empowered teams.”

How do you unplug so you can enjoy your vacation? Here are four ways to help you unplug and enjoy your vacation:

  • Plan and prepare by scheduling and completing tasks prior to your departure
  • Communicate to others when you will be on vacation
  • Delegate work and authority to a trusted team member
  • Unplug and disconnect to reconnect

No matter where you take your vacation, it is time for you to disconnect to reconnect. So unplug and enjoy your vacation!

What steps will you take to unplug during your vacation?

Your friend,


Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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