When Was Your Last Vacation? Part IV

Three Reasons Leaders Should Take a Vacation

Recently, I asked my husband what he considered to be a perfect Saturday. His response, “a day at sea.” His answer was not surprising because it was reflective of his vacation style.


While we both love to cruise, we enjoy cruising for different reasons.

My husband enjoys the days at sea, because there is plenty of down time. I, on other the hand, enjoy the experience of trying new things. Therefore, I want to go on an adventure everyday of our vacation.

Vacations are essential to our wellbeing!

Vacations give our bodies extended time to relax. In order to have fun on your vacation it is important to understand desired outcomes for your vacation. How do you choose the vacation and activities to make your vacation fun?

In his blog, This is Your Life, Michael Hyatt describes the various types of vacations. Hyatt identifies five factors to consider when planning your vacation:

  • Purpose: change of pace, health, rest and renewal, spiritual, connection, sightseeing, or specific activity
  • Location: regional, staycation, domestic, or international
  • People: alone, spouse, family, or friends
  • Pace: slow and restful, fast paced or hybrid
  • On-line activity: daily, digital fast, or hybrid

When my husband and I travel, we are intentional in selecting activities to meet both our definitions of fun.

Whether we travel internationally or stay home, we select activities to accommodate our different styles. We blend our different styles to ensure we both have fun.

Leaders are always on! We are always representing ourselves and our organizations. People are always watching us, even when we are “off duty.” On top of that, the combination of technology and social media provides access into our private lives.

Therefore, how do you, as a leader, have fun and enjoy your vacation? Here are five steps to help you accomplish fulfillment and fun:

  1. Choose a vacation to meet your needs
  2. Plan your vacation to reduce stress
  3. Set realistic expectations
  4. Be spontaneous
  5. Relax and cherish moments

Vacations are an important ingredient in our success as leaders. When we take time to rest, re-energize, and refresh we return to our organization with newfound energy, focus and creativity.

What will you do for fun on your next vacation?

Your friend,


Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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