When Was Your Last Vacation? Part I

Three Reasons Leaders Should Take a Vacation

Recently, my husband I were on vacation. We went on a wonderful cruise to the Western Caribbean. My husband and I love to cruise.

beach vacation picture

Why? Because it gives us an opportunity to unplug and spend time reconnecting with each other.

My husband and I are like many other couples we know. We both have very demanding jobs, both working more than 50-60 hours per week. In addition, we both are presidents of professional associations, serve in ministry at our church, and attend a weekly bible study. In my spare time, I speak professionally on the topics of leadership, success, influence, communications and personal growth. I also teach workshops and coach leaders.

We are extremely busy and our calendars drive our day. As an educational leader, I spend a lot of evenings at different school events. My schedule is the topic of the day in our house. Every morning my husband asks me “if I will be home tonight.” What my husband really wants to know is what time will I come home…

After I finished my dissertation, I told my husband “I need a vacation!” He reminded me we had several short trips planned for the summer, including celebrating our daughter’s graduation, my graduation and attending my family reunion. I acknowledged his point and countered with “I need a real vacation.” So my wonderful husband said “okay.”

I love traveling to beautiful places and experiencing different cultures. Our vacation was a great opportunity for us to get away from our daily work and spend quality time together. We turned off our phones, unplugged our iPads, and spent a relaxing week eating, sleeping, laughing, loving and thinking.

As leaders, we cannot give what we do not have. If our batteries are low, we cannot perform at a high level. Therefore, we must recharge in order to achieve high levels of success.

So why should leaders take a vacation? Let me give you three reasons:

  1. Resting, relaxing, recuperating, regenerating and rejuvenating
  2. Unplugging and reconnecting with family
  3. Having fun!

Time away from our daily routine gives leaders an opportunity to renew our minds and refocus our efforts.

Whether your vacation is on an exotic beach or a staycation in your local community, leaders should take a vacation!

Tell me, when will you take your next vacation?

Your friend,


Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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