Who and What are Important in Your Life?

Align Your Priorities!

As a leader, there are numerous demands on your time. When I was appointed as the new leader of my organization, I was excited and concerned, and wanted to prove myself as a leader.

It was a very hectic time as we were preparing for the end of our year. There were numerous activities, including end of year celebrations, rehearsals, and testing.

For the first three months, I never left my office before 8 pm, although I arrived before 7 am. I also worked every Saturday and every other Sunday. Security would call to check on me and tell me to go home. My husband was very supportive but concerned, my hours were taking a toll on my health.

After meeting with my coach, I realized something had to give! As I reflected on my previous transitions, I asked myself, “what was different this time?” I spent the next several days thinking about the question. The the answer came to me during a conversation with my husband.

I was upset because I wasn’t having any fun! I wanted to go to the movies but instead I was in my office working. He asked if my goals and priorities were in alignment. The answer was a resounding no! My goals and priorities were competing against each other…

According to Merriam-Webster, a goal is something that you are trying to do or achieve. Goals are future based.

Priorities on the other hand are the things that you care about and think are more important than other things. Our priorities are the things we are not willing to comprise or sacrifice as we pursue our goals.

To be an effective leader, you must clearly define your priorities.

When I am coaching leaders, I always ask them “What are your non-negotiables?” Family, health, faith, and hobbies are the standard responses.

So, have you asked yourself who and what really matters to you? If the answer is no, then take some time to complete the following steps. First, make a list of the most important characteristics of your life. Your list may include a variety of areas, i.e. family, faith, having fun, friends, or career success.

Next, make a list of what you spend time doing every day, to include your weekends. As you make your list be honest with yourself. If you spend five hours a day playing video games or watching Netflix then put it on your list. Now compare your two lists. Are they in alignment? Be honest now!

If the answer is no, that’s okay. It means you will need to make some adjustments.

You choose your priorities by your actions every single day. If this doesn’t match up with what you believe is truly important, it’s time to realign” – Del Signore

Your list will tell you where to shift your focus. It will help you identify who and what are really important to your life.

Do you know who, and what are important in your life?

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore, guiding YOU to lead with confidence!

Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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