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“Discover How To Inspire Your Team, Become an Influential Leader, and Make Extraordinary Things Happen

From: Dr. Kim Moore
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From the desk of Mehdi & Venkata

Dear struggling marketer,

As you probably know, traffic is the name of the game when it comes to internet marketing. You could have the greatest product on earth, but if nobody sees your product, then nobody will buy your products or services and you’ll remain broke.

Meanwhile, a competitor who is selling a worse product than you but has mastered driving tons of traffic to his website is making 10x what you make!

Let me ask something…

If you could send thousands of visitors to your sales pages every single day without spending any money, how rich would you be? How many cars would you drive? How many times would you travel a year?

Well, the reason I’m writing this letter today is because I’ve got something that could absolutely change your life!

Hi, my name is Mehdi Tihani and I’ve partnered up with Venkata Ramana to bring you…

A fresh new 100% FREE traffic source that none of the big-time marketers want you to know about!

Well, today you can learn exactly what some of these traffic gurus have been hiding for months!

Before we get to that, let me tell you a little bit about how we got here.

Not too long ago, we were in the same position
as you… Lost, confused, stressed out, and frustrated
at all the conflicting advice being offered by the
so-called “gurus”…

These are just some of the advice we were getting, I’m sure you can relate:

  • Don’t have money to spend on paid traffic?
    “Start by going to forums and start spamming people and hoping they visit your link.”
  • Spamming didn’t work and you got banned in the forum?
    “Try ranking your site on Google, that way people will visit your site everyday on auto-pilot!”
  • Oh, Google’s update destroyed your ranking?
    “You should try ranking YouTube videos, I know a guy who knows a guy who ranked his video in just 14 minutes!”
  • If you have a bit of money to blow, you should spend it on Facebook ads… Everyone knows that Facebook has the most traffic!
    “Facebook makes it so easy for you to create an ad… just a couple mouse clicks and BAM! All you gotta do now is sit and pray that someone clicks on your ad and buys your product.”
  • Nobody is clicking on your Facebook ads? Weird… You should try Solo Ads!
    “All you gotta do is make sure your sales funnel is perfect, which can take you months and thousands of dollars in spending on traffic!”

Like us, you’ve been lied to about these “myths”…

The so-called “gurus” simply did not want us to know their secrets…

We were broke! None of the traffic methods they mentioned were working…

Our online business depended on generating traffic!

Without traffic you will make ZERO DOLLARS online!

But instead of getting worn down by all the
stress and hard work that was going nowhere, we
decided to look for solutions. After months of sleepless nights, we finally discovered an amazing
FREE traffic method that SAVED our online business!

We then took what we discovered, turned it into a simple step-by-step fail-proof system that we use every single day to generate traffic to our sites!

And boy do we have something amazing for YOU!

We’re going to let you copy our step-by-step system, and start getting TONS of traffic from people who will love to buy your products!

No more spending money on traffic! (EXPENSIVE)
No more spending your whole day trying to rank your site! (SLOW)

This traffic source will solve all your problems!



Here’s an overview of what you get…

  • Learn which FREE traffic method nobody wants you to know about
  • 100% FREE and scalable
  • Simple step-by-step system that even 13 year old teenage girl can follow
  • CPA marketers – discover how to generate loads of leads. Nobody in CPA knows about this.
  • Listbuilders – say goodbye to shitty solo ad freebie seekers and say hello to buyers!
  • Local business owners – learn how to generate leads for your business for FREE!
  • Traffic seekers – No more spending months trying to rank on Google.
  • Millions of FREE visitors at your fingertips!

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get these
awesome FREE bonuses:

Fast Action Bonus #1

G+ Hangouts Traffic Explosion

The google hangout traffic explosion is a 20 video course will help you generate massive amounts of targeted traffic and leverage any niche. You can turn google hangouts into your own ON demand traffic system. The methods in this course are REALLY simple.Follow my 20 step video formula to have the kind of FREE traffic system that you’ll seriously need.

Fast Action Bonus #2

LinkedIn Traffic Strategies

The Linkedin traffic strategies is a step by step marketing approach that made me over $10,000 from linkedin. It is literally an unused traffic source – the secret weapon that has contributed greatly for our online success.

Fast Action Bonus #3

50+ Targeted traffic Resources

We have hand picked 50+ targeted traffic sources that you can use to drive high quality targeted traffic to your websites. These traffic sources help you drive targeted traffic who are willing to buy what ever you are offering.

This FREE traffic source can make you a lot of sales
and help you crush your competition!

This is why you need our system and why it could change your life forever…

How much are you charging me?

To be totally honest, the information you’ll learn in “Free Traffic Bonanza” is priceless.

I want you to ask yourself…

“How much would I pay to learn how to drive thousands of FREE targeted visitors to my websites?

How much would I pay to learn how to make thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions?”

Think about that for a moment…

If you think that paying only the price of a McDonald’s Big Mac Combo to learn the tricks of someone who actually uses the methods he teaches is worth the investment, then I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your online goals!

Why are you making this SUPER AFFORDABLE?

You’re right… we should be charging a lot of money for this training. I mean, after all, we did spend months and months researching, testing and systemizing this traffic method.

However, we’ve been in the same position as you…

And without someone reaching out to help us, we wouldn’t have been able to breakthrough and make money online.

For that reason, we’re going to make this RIDICULOUSLY AFFORDABLE so that we can help as many people as possible get started.

Because the more affordable we make our course, the more customers will buy and the more testimonials we will get.

We believe in good karma.

We will however reward those who take action and buy the course with us today! We will continue to increase the price throughout the launch period, so you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this while it’s still super affordable!

The price will increase very soon without any warning (consider this your warning), so we hope you grab a copy of our course and get started with us today!

In fact, if you ACT FAST today, you can get Instant
Access to “FREE Traffic Bonanza” for ONLY…

$97 $47 $27

We Guarantee Full Satisfaction!

This is NOT a “get tons of worthless 1 million visitors” system. Our results were not typical… we worked hard!

In fact, I can’t even tell you that all of you will get similar results!

However, what we can guarantee is that we’ve done our very best to make this step-by-step system so easy to duplicate that you will have the best chance to succeed as possible!

We want to help as many people as possible who are serious ACTION-TAKERS!

We want people who are willing to fight until they succeed online!

These are the type of people we want to work with…

Are you that person?

If so, click the button below to purchase “FREE Traffic Bonanza” and lets help you reach your goals this year!


Don’t delay… you KNOW that traffic is the only thing holding you back from
financial freedom! Let us help you get there!

We look forward to working with you,

P.S. We’ve made this super affordable because we want to help as many people achieve financial online success in 2015. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to work with us!

P.P.S. The price will increase next time you visit this page, so be sure to grab it at this RIDICULOUSLY AFFORDABLE price!

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The materials provided on are not to be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme in any way. Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you. The level of success you reach employing these techniques and ideas is entirely dependent upon you; your skills, your financial resources, your advertising and marketing knowledge and your time that you devote to becoming successful. Because of these reasons, we cannot guarantee your earnings level nor do we in any way whether directly or indirectly do so.

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Dr. Kim Moore


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