3 Tips for Trimming Your To-Do List

How many priorities do you really need?

Leaders, once you start setting priorities successfully, you’ll see how helpful it is. You may even find that you have fun with it.

But there might be a temptation to go list crazy and over-organize, setting too many priorities and making it impossible for yourself to get everything done.

5 Tips Leaders Can Use to Avoid Procrastinating

Try breaking it down!

When I was in elementary school, my younger sister and I took piano lessons. According to our teacher, we needed to practice for 30 minutes everyday to prepare for our recital.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peters

While I enjoyed playing the piano, I didn’t like it as much as playing outside with my friends.

Create an Environment for Your Team to Thrive | Video Podcast MLM223

Are you placing others ahead of yourself?

Welcome to this week’s edition of the MOORE Leadership Moment video podcast with your host, Dr. Kim Moore, guiding you to lead with confidence!

In this episode, Dr. Moore discusses placing others ahead of  yourself is necessary for creating an environment your team will thrive in.

YouthMAX Tampa Bay 2017: youth leadership training skills from the John Maxwell Team

News Release

July 18, 2017

Dr. Kim Moore
(813) 664-9654

TAMPA BAY, FL – Today’s youth often struggle with identity, fear of failure, bullying and a need for strong personal character. The John Maxwell Team will present YouthMAX, a youth leadership curriculum, designed to equip today’s young people with practical tools and ideas to help them successfully navigate life.