YouthMAX is a leadership event designed to give today’s young people practical tools and ideas to help them navigate life in four key areas.

Eventbrite - YouthMAX Tampa Bay Leadership Conference 2017

The talks are given at no charge for High School students ages 14 to 17 and are available to any youth organization or school group.

The four key topics are:YouthMaxTampaBay Logo 400x400

  • Stand Up and Be Counted:  Learn positive attitudes and actions that will help stop bullying and lift others up.
  • Developing a Positive Self-Image: Understand and apply key ways to develop and maintain a positive self-image.
  • Developing Strong Personal Character:  Learn what it takes to develop strong and effective personal character.
  • Learning to Fail Forward to Success:  Learn powerful, proven ways to look at failure in a new way and use life’s failures to build success.

Eventbrite - YouthMAX Tampa Bay Leadership Conference 2017

When young people are challenged to grow and become leaders, they respond.  YouthMAX provides both the challenge and guidance, showing them how they can improve their lives and positively influence their peers.

YouthMAX gives John Maxwell Team members an opportunity to serve youth and youth organizations in their communities by helping youth grow and develop to meet the challenges of life in today’s changing world.

YouthMAX Tampa Bay will take place from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, July 29th at the Dream Center of Tampa, located at 806 North 15th Street, Tampa, FL 33605. Seating is limited and registration is required.

Eventbrite - YouthMAX Tampa Bay Leadership Conference 2017

Please contact me to arrange a YouthMAX event for your organization.

Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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