3 Reasons Leaders Should Dress for Comfort

How can you dress for success while staying comfortable?

I love beautiful shoes! In fact, I believe what Cinderella said, “one shoe can change your life.”

There are very few things more luxurious than slipping on a well-made, beautiful pair of shoes (gentlemen, stay with me please).

My love affair with shoes began when I was a child. I remember my first pair of black patent leather Mary Janes. They glistened and reflected the light when I walked. I loved wearing my shoes with white ruffle ankle socks.

As I grew older, my taste in shoes continued to grow. While I still loved patent leather shoes, Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” tennis shoes became my new favorite obsession. White Chuck Taylor’s was my tennis shoe of choice when I was in middle school. Why? Because everybody was wearing white Chuck Taylor’s.

When I entered high school, my mother allowed me to buy my first pair of high heels. Okay, they weren’t very high, but they did have a one-inch heel. My mother and I went to Thom McAn’s to purchase my Easter shoes. As I walked the isles pondering which shoes to choose, my eyes landed on a gorgeous pair of navy blue Mary Janes with a one-inch heel. My Easter shoes were the envy of the neighbourhood.

As an adult my love of shoes continued to grow. Stiletto’s became my shoe of choice. The problem was they hurt my feet! While they looked great when I was sitting or standing, I couldn’t walk very far without great pain. Over the years, I learned to balance beauty and comfort in my shoe selection.

While I love shoes, I also love pairing them with a great outfit. Just like it is important to wear comfortable shoes, our clothing should be comfortable. A great outfit that fits properly can not only change how we feel about ourselves but also impact how we work.

As the leader, male or female, you must look professional. Your appearance will establish how others perceive you. Therefore, dressing for success is critical to your ability to achieve your goals. Your clothes should be professional, stylish and comfortable.

Constantly adjusting your clothing shifts the focus from your message to your clothing malfunctions.

Why should you wear comfortable, professional clothing? Here are three reasons:

  1. Increase your productivity – wearing clothing that allows you to feel relaxed increases your productivity
  2. Convey confidence – whether you are sitting or standing you need to look professional
  3. Your discomfort will impact others – if you are uncomfortable, you will make others uncomfortable

Remember, your clothing defines how others perceive you. Therefore, create your own professional, comfortable style to shape your brand.

How can you dress for success while staying comfortable?

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore, guiding YOU to lead with confidence!

Dr. Kim Moore

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