5 Actions Leaders Take to Equip Others

How do you equip others to achieve success?

When I assumed my position as team leader for a group of policy writers, I inherited a team of young, high performing professionals.

During our first team meeting, I asked the group “how could I support them?” Over the next 60 minutes, I listened to them share their desires and concerns.

After the meeting, I sat in my office reviewing my notes and collecting my thoughts. I remember thinking, “I have a lot of work to do.” The team was composed of bright “hot shots” looking for their next promotion.

During a meeting with my boss, I shared my reflections. He asked me what was my plan to help the team be successful? I told him not to worry I had a plan. Well, the truth was I wasn’t sure what approach I was going to use.

Over the next few weeks, I spent time watching how the team interacted with each other. When team members came to me for guidance, I asked them do what they would normally do. Why? Because I wanted to understand their thinking and team dynamics.

At the next team meeting, I shared my impressions of the team’s effectiveness. As you can imagine the team was not happy with my reflections. After I finished, I asked the team members to write down on an index card how I could help them be more successful.

Before they began writing, I asked them to be transparent and honest. I explained my job was to maximize their gifts and talents. As the team leader, I would be their champion and remove barriers. The first barrier we needed to address was ego.

Over the next several months, the team culture began to change. I acknowledged their successes and committed to helping them achieve their goals. We shifted the culture from “me” to “we.”

Leaders are responsible for creating an environment for success.

My goal was to help the team learn how to support each other by equipping them for success.

How will you increase your influence by equipping others? The following five actions will help you equip others to be successful:

  1. Sharing knowledge and expertise
  2. Sharing resources
  3. Sharing opportunities
  4. Supporting and encouraging
  5. Acknowledging and recognizing others

Fred A. Manske Jr. said, “The greatest leader is willing to train people and develop them to the point that they eventually surpass him or her in knowledge and ability.”

How do you equip others to achieve success?

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