When I retired from the military, my family and I relocated from Washington D.C. to Tampa, Florida.


Our oldest child was entering the 11th grade and as you can imagine, it was quite a challenge. She was not very happy to leave her friends.

So, I chose to stay home and help our daughter transition into her new environment. After she settled into her senior year, I knew it was time to re-enter the workforce. I decided to find a part-time position that allowed me to participate in one of my favorite activities – shopping.

When I interviewed for a sales position at an upscale women’s clothing store, the District Manager tried to recruit me for a management position. She told me with my leadership background I would quickly climb the corporate ladder. Although I was flattered by the offer, I chose to honor my promise to my family.

The District Manager hired me to work 20 hours a week as a part-time sales associate. My goal was to be the best sales associate in the store. I came to work early and stayed late. After two months on the job, I was the highest selling associate in the store.

Over the next 12 months, I worked closely with the store manager. As I mastered each area, the store manager would give me another area to learn. When I decided to resign, I had learned to run the entire store from inventory, merchandising to training employees.

When I submitted my resignation, the manager cried. The District Manager offered me a management position again. When the store manager moved to different company, she tried to recruit me to work with her again.

[callout]Within a very short period, I built a strong personal brand.[/callout]

So how did I do it? I connected emotionally with my customers, colleagues, and boss. How can you use your brand to emotionally connect with others?

Deanna Lazzaroni offers fives ways people connect to us emotionally:

  • Share your story – connect with others through your story
  • Let others shine – create opportunities for others shines
  • Be authentic – be yourself
  • Add value to others – help others be successful
  • Find ways to surprise and delight – make others feel special

[shareable cite=”Dr. Kim Moore”]Your brand connects you emotionally to others, so make sure the connection is positive.”[/shareable]

When people buy into your brand, they are buying into you.

Are you connecting emotionally?

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore, guiding YOU to lead with confidence!

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