As the senior leader in my current organization, I run a mid-size company. In addition to overseeing the education of more than 1,600 students, I have 150 employees on our team.

As the CEO, I am responsible for human resources, marketing and sales, property management, finance, inventory, custodial operations, food service, and transportation.

As you can imagine, being in charge can be very overwhelming. Everyone’s expectation is for you to set the direction of the organization. As the leader, you are expected reduce expenses while increasing profits. How? One way is to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

[callout]Efficiency is the use of resources to maximize the production of goods and services.[/callout]

Peter Drucker said, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Therefore, to be successful, it is important to find different resources to maximize your efforts.

So, you are in the chair, how do you determine which resources will help you be successful? Because you may or may not be new in your position, you may not have a clue about what resources you will need, or where to find the resources.

How do you find the right resources? The following six tips will help you identify which resources will help you to maximize your efforts.

  1. Know your why:  Always keep your why front and center. It will help you stay grounded and on task.
  2. Clearly define your what:  Before you can identify resources you will need, it is critical to understand what your position requires. What is your vision?
  3. Plan your how: Develop your action plan to fulfill your vision. Be creative and think outside the box. What resources do you need to accomplish your vision?
  4. Identify available analytics:  What data is currently available in your organization? Do you require additional data to increase your effectiveness?
  5. Network with peers and others inside and outside your industry:  Canvas your network for ideas and suggestions.
  6. Engage your employees:  Your employees are in the best position to share best practices and identify opportunities. Conduct a listening tour to determine what resources your employees use and desire.

[shareable cite=”Dr. Kim Moore”]Once you have identified the resources you need to be successful, engage them to maximize your effectiveness.”[/shareable]

To set yourself up for success, don’t limit yourself. Think outside the box! As the leader of my organization, I use multiple resources to maximize my efforts.

Are your prioritizing your resources?

Your friend,

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