7 Steps Leaders Use to Empower Others

How do you empower others to achieve your vision?

Have you ever had so many actions on your “to do list” that you weren’t sure where to begin?

Well, I have! I think every leader has felt overwhelmed at some point.

Early in my leadership career, I had the opportunity to serve as the project manager for several large-scale joint military exercises. When I assumed responsibility for my first large-scale exercise, I felt completely overwhelmed. As I sat at my desk reviewing the file, my head started to spin.

I remember thinking, how in the world was I going to get everything done. As I drove home, I wondered if I was in over my head. I spent the next several days trying to wrap my brain around the scale and scope the project.

Finally, after several sleepless nights, I went to see my boss. As we sat down at his conference table, I placed the huge file on the table. He smiled at me as I took a deep breath. I think he could tell from my body language I was very frustrated.

Before I could say anything, he asked me how could he help me. I remember saying, “Sir, I am not sure I can do this job.” I explained I’d spent the week reviewing the file, but I didn’t have a clue of how I would get everything done.

After I finished venting, he asked me a very important question. What was the question? He asked me who could help with the project? It was a simple but profound question. I sat there thinking about the members of my team.

My boss told me he believed in me. He reminded me, my job was to lead the team and oversee the project. Over the next three years, I successfully lead two large-scale joint military exercises.

Anytime we assumed a new role or take on additional responsibilities, we may feel overwhelmed. The question is how do we get everything done?

Do you empower others to achieve success?

In his book Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know, John Maxwell offered the following seven steps to help you empower others:

  1. Evaluate them for their potential
  2. Model your expectations for them
  3. Give them permission to succeed
  4. Transfer authority to them
  5. Publicly show your confidence in them
  6. Give them feedback
  7. Release them to continue on their own

As the leader, you must empower others to achieve your vision.

As you empower others, you will grow as a leader and expand your influence. James Stockdale said, “Great leaders gain authority by giving it away.”

How do you empower others to achieve your vision?

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