A Leader’s Appearance Coveys a Message

How do you distinguish yourself?

I have a secret I want to share with you. I am a quasi-royal watcher! Yes, I am one those people.

Now don’t worry, I don’t read blogs or follow their every move.

However, I did get up early to watch Charles and Dianna’s wedding and William and Kate’s wedding.  Also, I watch PBS specials about the royals.

My favorite royal is Queen Elizabeth II. I find her life fascinating. The Queen is the oldest and longest-serving British Monarch. At age 91, Queen Elizabeth is a fashion icon. Despite her age, she still sparkles and delights onlookers with her sense of style.

The Queen is very conscious about her appearance. Why? Because she is the most photographed woman in the world. Imagine every time you stepped out your front door or looked out the window, hundreds of photographers were waiting to take your picture. You would be very conscious of your appearance!

Because of her high-profile the Queen has created a style that blends her personality with her position. As a female monarch, she is judged by her appearance. When she assumed the throne at age 25, Queen Elizabeth understood her clothes conveyed her power because they influenced how people perceived her.

Over her 65 years as Queen, she has carefully created a signature look! Her style of high necklines, lower hemlines, and bright colors radiate regal power and authority. The Queen’s love of bright colors also extends to her rain gear. She matches her umbrella to her outfit!

During the day, the Queen always wears a broach and multi-strand pearls. When outside, she also wears a matching coat and hat. She also wears black or white gloves. Comfortable shoes are fashion must for the Queen.

My personal favorite accessory, is her handbag. The Queen never leaves home without her black or beige bag that matches her outfit. So, what is in the handbag of the woman who doesn’t need to pay for anything? According to Melanie Bromley, the Queen carries “mints, lipstick, a mirror, reading glasses and a pen.”

Leaders are always on stage. Like Queen Elizabeth, your appearance conveys a message to others.

How can you reflect your personal style and convey power and authority? Find an accessory that distinguishes you from others. For example, Herman Edwards, sports broadcaster, is known for his unique socks. Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright always wears a broach. A friend of mine always wears pearls.

As a leader it is important to find a balance between your personality and your position.

The goal of your appearance is to compliment, not to outshine, or over shadow your brand. The right accessory will distinguish you from others.

How do you distinguish yourself from others?

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore, guiding YOU to lead with confidence!

Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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