What does a winning culture mean for your organization? New leaders often ask this question. Creating a winning culture can be the difference between success and failure.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

– Peter Drucker

Whenever I think about the importance of culture, Peter Drucker’s famous quote comes to mind. As a young leader, I learned the meaning behind Drucker’s quote.

When I assumed the leadership of my team, I thought my plan would inspire everyone to come together to accomplish our mission. But, after a few months, I realized we needed more time to build a collaborative culture if we wanted to turn our team around.

According to The Alternative Board, “culture is more about the ways your team members act in critical situations, how they manage pressure and respond to various challenges, and how they treat partners and customers, and each other.”

As a new leader, you might think you don’t need to worry about culture. You may think your team should be content with a desk, computer, phone, and some peace and quiet. However, most of us aren’t wired that way. We need a little more to be happy, inspired, and content.

The benefits of strong and positive organizational culture are well-documented. They include:

  1. Less stress. A positive environment that is both safe and supportive results in a less-stressed team member. When people enjoy their environment, they are more eager to work and be at work.
  2. Less absenteeism. An enjoyable organization results in fewer people calling in sick. Sick team members are getting paid without providing any value on that day. Sick days are expensive for an organization, especially a smaller one.
  3. Greater productivity. Lower absenteeism and a happy and inspired organization get more work done. The more productive your team members are, the fewer of them you need. As a result, greater productivity leads to lower costs and greater profits.
  4. Team Member satisfaction. When team members like and respect their organization’s culture, their overall satisfaction increases.
  5. Creativity. It’s hard to be creative in an unpleasant environment. Yet, creativity is the key to the success of any organization. Whether it’s developing exciting and innovative products and services or finding new ways to decrease costs, creativity is vital.
  6. Better teamwork. When everyone buys into the organization’s culture, it’s easier to work together. Teams can accomplish more than individual members, so collaboration is essential to an organization’s long-term success.
  7. Employee retention. An organization with highly rated cultures has significantly fewer employees jumping ship. Everyone that’s had at least a couple of jobs knows the value of an enjoyable work experience.
  8. Better customer service. An engaged team member provides better customer service, particularly if the culture emphasizes the importance of customer relationships.

Your organization requires a definitive environment once it grows beyond a few team members.

There are many benefits to creating a winning culture for your organization. However, failing to establish a winning culture means that you’re neglecting the above items.

Are you building a winning organizational culture?


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