When I assumed my first leadership position in college, I was excited, but I didn’t know if I would be successful. Although my leadership team believed in my abilities, I wasn’t really sure how to lead others.

As the organization’s first female leader, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to live up to everyone’s expectations. Additionally, I didn’t want to disappoint myself!

After spending several weeks fretting over the situation, I decided I needed more tools in my leadership toolbox. So, I went to the library to find a book on leadership. Unfortunately, while there were numerous textbooks on management, they were only a handful of books on leadership.

As I sat on the library floor, I wasn’t sure where I could go to get help. The next day, I met with one of my instructors, who served as my mentor. He also arranged for me to attend a one-day conference.

That year, I had the opportunity to practice what I learned at the conference. I would love to say everything went well, but that would not accurately describe events. Like many new leaders, I made many mistakes, but I also learned a lot.

The biggest lesson I learned during that year was the importance of investing in my growth as a leader. As a result, during my career, I have continued to add tools to my leadership toolbox.

As #YourLeadershipGuide, I encourage you to continually invest in yourself, which is where you will realize your greatest return.

“If you want to be an effective leader, you must enhance your skillset.”

– Dr. Kim Moore

One of the most significant benefits of the information age is that it has leveled the playing field between those who know and those who need to know. Interactive seminars and conferences allow you to learn in person or online.

Seminars may range from a few hours in length to several days and can include in-depth discussions, presentations, and other learning activities that encourage retention and comprehension.

Whereas seminars focus on one topic, conferences often focus on a particular field or subject area. In addition, conferences can include several related workshops where smaller groups are involved in more hands-on, interactive activities. There may also be sessions where one speaker or panel discussion group addresses all the conference attendees.

Either way, participating in seminars and conferences online or in-person is a great way to kickstart your development and growth. They can also reenergize your leadership life…

Don’t forget that leadership skills are highly sought after by organizations. The business environment is rapidly changing, and there is always a greater demand for those with leadership skills, particularly as it relates to leading others through change.

When it’s all said and done, leaders can change their organizations and the world. To do so, they must continually invest in themselves to develop and grow.

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