February 2, 2021

Leaders Don’t Give Up


Have you ever wondered what the secret of success is? Some people believe success is the result of luck. Others believe success is a birthright. However, the reality is that success is the result of not giving up.

Yes, not giving up is hard work! Now I know what you are thinking, is it just not giving up? No, but not giving up is a critical component. If you ask someone successful, they will tell their success didn’t happen overnight.

Most people spend years working without recognition to achieve success. John Maxwell calls those years of unseen work “stored work.”

“Success is a series of steps, not one giant leap”

– John Maxwell

In a recent interview, world-renowned comedian and entertainer Steve Harvey shared his journey to success. During the first three years of his career as a comedian, he made less than $15,000. As a result, Harvey ended up homeless.

Imagine leaving a job to pursue your dream but you only made $15,000 in three years. To add insult to injury, you also ended up homeless! What would you do?

Well, we know what Steve Harvey didn’t do, he didn’t give up!  Now, he’s not only a successful comedian and entertainer, but he is also a businessman helping others achieve their dream.

So, what kept Harvey going during those difficult years? He knew transforming individuals’ minds through laughter was what he was called to do. Harvey loved the impact of comedy on people’s thinking. It was his passion.

Why is passion so important?

Your passion will drive your commitment. By not giving up, the choices you make every day will compound over time to achieve success. Your passion won’t let you give up.

Steve Harvey says that passion makes hard things easy. It moves and motivates us to never to give up. When times are difficult, our passion will help sustain us.

As a leader, what are you trying to succeed at? If I looked at your daily activities over time, would I see alignment between your passion and daily activities?

When challenges and obstacles arise, do you give up, or stay the course?

While leaders experience trials and tribulations, their passion drives them not to give up when the going gets tough.

Successful leaders don’t give up. Do you?


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