Have you ever asked yourself, “am I doing what I am supposed to do?” Well, I found myself asking that question when I retired from the military. I was not sure what I was going to do next.

While I was excited to begin the next chapter of my story, I felt lost after the first six months. When I was on active duty, I had a purpose. I enjoyed my job, and I knew my work was critical.

Every day, I woke up focused on defending freedom and keeping our nation safe. (Okay, I may be a little over the top in my description.) My point is I was passionate about my work. Serving in the military gave me a purpose greater than me.

Once I retired, I did not have the same sense of passion and purpose. While my stress level decreased significantly, I found myself drifting through my day. I found myself asking, “what am I supposed to do next?”

Well, a good friend, who became a teacher, shared the joy he found in teaching. During the conversation, my friend reminded me of how much I enjoyed training and leading soldiers. After an hour-long discussion, he challenged me to consider teaching as my next career.

After completing several career interest inventories and conducting research, I realized my friend was right. So, I became a teacher!

I love teaching! I taught high school science. Although it was a lot of hard work, I knew God created me to be an educational leader. I found my purpose!

Once you know your purpose, you can put it into action to add value to others. But what if you do not know what your purpose is? How can you find it? Well, John Maxwell offers the following equation to help you find your purpose:

            Your passion + Your strengths + Value Added to Others = Your purpose

So how can finding your passion, identifying your strengths, and identifying how you can meet other’s needs help you find your purpose?

  • Passion gives you energy and inspires you to want and do more
  • Your talents and skills make you unique and will create opportunities for you
  • Helping others fulfills God’s purpose for you

When your passion and strengths are aligned, and they are used to meet other’s needs, something special happens! What happens? You discover your purpose!

“There are two great days in your life: The day you were born and the day you find out why.”

– John Maxwell

Are you putting your purpose into action?


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