Defining and creating a workplace culture that works for your organization is one of the more challenging tasks for a leader. However, as you well know, you can’t make everyone happy while you’re doing so. Here’s why…

There are many types of organizational cultures. Understanding them can provide a good insight into which kind of culture might work best for your organization.

Read through this list, ask yourself, “Would this work for my organization?” Remember that you’re free to develop your own unique culture:

  1. Outcome-oriented. Results are what matter, and results are rewarded. This type of culture is often found in sales-driven companies.
  2. Innovative. Creativity and new ideas are the order of the day. It’s about figuring out what the marketplace needs and being the first to deliver it.
  3. Lottery. The people near the top have it made. The hours are decent, and the pay is exceptional. Many below this level may be overworked and underpaid. This is quite common in consulting firms.
  4. Casual. Wear what you want within reason. The hours are flexible, so work when you choose, as long as you do your job.
  5. People-oriented. This culture puts the value of the employee above all else. As a result, these companies are often willing to sacrifice profits to pay their employees above the average rate.
  6. Aggressive. Aggressive cultures are focused on outperforming competitors. This type of culture can also be quite competitive and aggressive between employees too. The battle cry is, “We will destroy our competitors one way or the other.”
  7. Stable. This type of culture is common in many large, well-established companies. There are rules, so follow them. It’s a very hierarchical structure and very bureaucratic.
  8. Detail-oriented. Often found in the hospitality industry, these companies emphasize the little things. It’s all about the details every day.

This is just a sampling of some of the types of cultures you can choose for your organization. You may want to use different elements of these cultures for your organization. As a leader, It’s your choice.

“I believed that culture was “soft” and had little bearing on our bottom line. What I believe today is that our culture has everything to do with our bottom line, now and into the future.”

– Vern Dosch

Influencing an effective culture for your organization is one of the best ways to raise the odds of your organization’s success in the future.

Do you understand your organization’s culture?


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