November 11, 2023

Veteran’s Day Salute 2023


Today is Veteran’s Day, and I want to thank our Veterans and their families for their dedicated service. Their sacrifices create the foundation for the service members who protect the principles of our nation.

Having served as an Army Officer for 20 years, specializing in Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare, I led soldiers and civilians across various positions and locations. Despite the challenges, my commitment to service was unwavering.

My military journey began as an unexpected path. Initially aspiring to be an FBI Agent, circumstances led me to ROTC and, subsequently, the military. Overcoming initial struggles, I became the first female cadet commander in my senior year, transitioning to a fulfilling military career.

Choosing the military as a career was driven by finding my calling and serving a purpose beyond myself. Leadership in the military taught me to advocate for others and instilled a commitment to defending the idea of America.

Upon retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, I faced a crucial career decision. Despite lucrative opportunities in defense contracting, I chose education, driven by a passion for shaping the future.

My dedication to service over monetary gain stems from the belief that our purpose is to serve others. In education, we mold and influence the future, aligning with the ideals of America.

Born and raised near Philadelphia, I have always believed in the promise of America despite our challenges. The principles of our nation inspire me to strive for a “more perfect union.”

Freedom is not Free

– Colonel Walter Hitchcock

As we honor veterans, let’s reflect on the first 14 words of the Constitution’s Preamble. Education plays a pivotal role in achieving the ideals set by the founding fathers, bringing us closer to an “ideal” America with each generation.

In closing, I leave you with three questions:

  1. What is your purpose?
  2. How will you use your purpose to serve others?
  3. How can you move us toward a “more perfect union?”

Remember, “We, the people, are the leaders who will move us closer to a more perfect union.” Embrace your influence, step up, and lead!

Thank you for the privilege to honor our veterans. Thank you, veterans and your families, for your service!


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent those of my employer or any local, state, or federal government

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