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You're in the Chair, Now What?

Have you ever asked yourself the question; “what’s next?” Well, I have… After 20 awesome years in the military, I chose to retire and move to Florida.


While I was excited to start a new season of my career, it was also a very scary time. I had spent 20 years learning how to navigate the military system, and now I was leaving my success in the military behind.

Military life is very structured. Our soldiers are told what to do, when to do, and where to do. We tell you when you are sick and how many days you can stay home to recover. We even go so far as to tell you what to wear, how to wear it, and how to wear your hair. I know what you are thinking “why would anyone give someone else so much control over their life?”

Let me start by saying I enjoyed my military life. In fact, I thrived beyond my expectations in the military. The structure, discipline and adventure created an environment for success. During my career, I worked at the highest levels of military, with some very successful leaders.

My last assignment was at the Pentagon working for the Secretary of Defense. I was a member of a multi-party negotiating team for a multinational arms control treaty, dealing with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Talk about adventure (and stress)!

Just imagine waking up after 20 years of structure, to a life without constraints. Gone were the privileges of my rank, access to senior level personnel, and my parking space! I found myself asking the question “what’s next?” There has to be more to life than this…

While I loved my military career, I knew I needed to explore career options in fields unrelated to the military. You see, I’m passionate about two things; education and leadership.

After evaluating various options for a couple of years, I became an educator! Every day, I have the privilege to lead, and at the same time, educate the best and brightest students. As I engage with students, I am confident our future is secure.

You’re in the chair and have mastered the 10 principles to ensure success. So what’s next for you?

Yes success is important, however it is not your purpose.

A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other lives.”
― Jackie Robinson.

Why should you want to lead a life of significance? Because each one of us has a God-given purpose.

Your purpose is to add value to others. Now that you’ve experienced success, what will you do to lead a life of significance?

Your friend,

Dr. Kim Moore

Kim d. moore

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