The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell, is one of my favorite books. I remember reading the book early in my career. It was one of the first leadership books I ever read.

Over the years, I have implemented the principles outlined in the book throughout my career as a leader and coach. While I find value in each law, there are two laws on which I have based my leadership philosophy, The Law of Explosive Growth and The Law of Sacrifice.

You may be wondering why these two laws resonated with me? Because they meet my internal and external needs as a leader. Let me explain; The Law of Sacrifice serves as a guide to me when I must make decisions. Likewise, The Law of Explosive Growth reminds me of why I am a leader.

Now, I must be honest and share, while I practice The Law of Sacrifice, I do not like it. So why do I embrace The Law of Sacrifice? For the same reason, I exercise and try to eat right! This is because I understand the value of giving up something of lesser value to gain something of greater value.

Although I practice The Law of Sacrifice, I live the Law of Explosive Growth! What is The Law of Explosive Growth? According to Maxwell, “The Law of Explosive Growth: to add growth, lead followers-to multiply, lead leaders.”

I love growing leaders! Why? Growing leaders has a compounding effect on the organization. If you want to increase the success of your organization as a leader exponentially, instead of attracting followers, take time to develop leaders.

Over the years, I have had the privilege to coach, mentor, and train numerous leaders. Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with a veteran leader who was frustrated and shutting down. They were struggling to advocate for their team and themselves.

Our first encounter was during a course I was teaching. At first, the leader was very reserved. They did not say much during the meetings; however, they were attentive. As the course wrapped up, I was unsure if the leader wanted to continue in their leadership role.

Much to my delight, the leader enrolled in my small group. During our time together, I saw a renewed passion emerge from the leader. They found their voice and their confidence to stand up for what’s right and tell the people in charge what’s what! This leader is now encouraging and growing other leaders.

“Leadership development compounds. The more you invest in people and the longer you do it, the greater the growth and the higher the return.”

-John Maxwell

As a leader, we are responsible for the individuals we have the privilege to lead. While effective leaders add followers to grow their organizations, great leaders focus on developing leaders to experience explosive and sustained levels of growth.

Are you growing leaders for explosive growth?


How do you make your leadership count? You Click HERE and grow with intention.

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  • I believe wholeheartedly in developing leaders and have had integral roles in developing a few. On a wilderness sabbatical for now. But, I know I will be back.

  • I agree in the importance of these laws for obtaining results. Growing leaders is an important privilege. Thank you for your article, and great work with influencing that struggling leader.

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