February 8, 2022

Leaders Grow When They Mentor Leaders


As a leader, do you sometimes struggle to find time for what you enjoy? Leveraging your time is always a challenge. However, we somehow manage to find time for the things we enjoy.

Over the years, I have asked numerous leaders what their favorite way to spend time was? Most of the responses were connected to athletics, including golf, running, cycling, and basketball. In addition, some leaders enjoyed riding motorcycles, playing video games, reading, and watching movies.

However, only a few talked about volunteering or mentoring. One of my favorite ways to spend time is by mentoring other leaders. I love mentoring other leaders. Why? Because I always learn something from every leader I mentor.

During my career, I have mentored many leaders. While the majority of my mentees have been for a season, a few have been with me for several years.

Recently I had lunch with a leader I have mentored for several years. The individual had changed jobs, so I was excited to catch up on their progress. It was great to listen to them share the different leadership lessons they have learned during our relationship.

After they finished, I asked would it be okay to share an issue I was dealing with? Over the next several minutes, my mentee shared how they would handle the problem.

As they concluded, I learned several ways to improve my approach to resolving the issue I was dealing with. My mentee was so excited to teach me something new. As we left from lunch, my mentee stood taller and walked with a little more confidence.

“When one teaches, two learn.”

– Robin Heinlein

Now, I know you understand the value of mentoring for the mentee, but did you know there are several benefits for you as the mentor? So what are those benefits?

In addition to helping grow leaders, the following are eight ways serving as a mentor to others will help you:

  1. Improve your communication skills
  2. Increase your knowledge by learning something new
  3. Boost your confidence and motivation
  4. Share your knowledge and expertise
  5. Expand your network by building additional professional relationships
  6. Develop leadership and management skills
  7. Give back to your profession
  8. Receive personal fulfillment

As a leader, mentoring gives you the privilege to grow leaders in and outside your organization.

“Mentoring is a two-way street. The mentor gets wiser while mentoring, and the mentee gains knowledge through his/her mentor.”

-Marisol Gonzalez

The mentoring relationship is a win-win for both the mentee and mentor.

Are you mentoring others and growing yourself?


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  • Thankfully you, your husband and others like John Maxwell helped me to see the value in intentionally seeking out mentors several years ago. Thank you for distilling a succinct list of reasons to seek out and invest in mentees! We all need Paul’s in our lives who are further along, our Barnabas’s who are alongside us as peers and our Timothy’s to invest in and help develop. Blessings!

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