December 29, 2020

Leaders Think Outside of the Box


My husband and I recently celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. Every year, we go away to celebrate. Why? Because we have five children!

Before getting married, we committed to a weekly date night, an anniversary vacation, and a family vacation. We realized it was essential for us to take time away to stay connected and celebrate our union.

Over the years, we had gone on a variety of trips. While cruising is our favorite type of vacation, we have also gone skiing and other global vacation locations.

My husband always plans our anniversary trip, and it is always a surprise to me.

So how do I know what to pack? Well, my husband will tell me to pack for cold or hot weather. He will also tell me if I need to pack any specialized items. For example, I might know we are going snow skiing; however, I won’t know where we are going.

As the pandemic has turned our world upside down, I wondered if we would continue our tradition. Well, to my surprise, my husband planned our annual anniversary trip.

Because of the pandemic, our regular options were not available. However, we live about an hour away from the most magical place in the world. Yes, we live about an hour away from Disney World.

So, after opening our gifts on Christmas day, my husband loaded our bags in the car, and we headed to Orlando. My husband surprised me with a lovely two-bedroom condo for our vacation.

In addition to our anniversary trip, we always have a special dinner on our anniversary. Because of the pandemic, my husband and I have been cautious about limiting our contact with others. Therefore, if we dine out, we either pick-up our order to go or we eat outside.

So, on our anniversary, my husband and I decided to go out for dinner. To avoid a crowd, we elected to eat early. The restaurant my husband selected had outside dining, so we were excited to continue our tradition.

When my husband asked to be seated outside, the host informed him that outside dining was not available. So, my husband thanked him and turned to leave. As he headed for the door, the manager intervened.

The manager informed my husband because it was early; they would seat us outside; however, they couldn’t accommodate our request at night. Because of his quick action, we stayed and enjoyed a delicious meal.

As a leader, when the opportunity presents itself, you must be prepared to take advantage of the situation. To do so you will be required to think outside of the box.

Thinking outside the box doesn’t need to be complicated. It does mean finding creative ways to solve problems.

“Those who do not think outside the box are easily contained.”

– Nicolas Manetta

To achieve success during difficult times, look for creative ways to achieve your goals.

Are you thinking outside of the box to find creative solutions?


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  • This is not the first time you have challenged me about taking time off, rest and yes, even vacation. For the first time in a long time (too embarrassed to quantify the time frame) my wife and I are taking a vacation; not a “working trip” or some other purpose that we tag an extra day to it, but an actual vacation. Excited to get away with her. I travel all the time but she does not so it will be fun to get away and see new things together.

  • Congratulations to you both! Really enjoy your posts. You are very thoughtful to each other, your family and others. May God continue to pour His blessings on you.

  • Congratulations to you and your husband on 24 years together. I liked your 3 commitments before marriage. You have to have that special time together.

  • Marriage-What a inside and outside of the box life time experience.
    Love-Respect-Trust the big 3.
    Congratulations on 24.miss u guys

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