On June 27th, I accepted the offer to serve as Superintendent of Richland School District Two. I said yes. I have more than 28,000 reasons to say yes. I said yes to each and every student. Students, I am here because of you. I am here for you and your success.

I absorbed the stakeholder report. It gave me an enormous understanding of the wants and needs of each stakeholder group. I expect our relationships to be strong and trusting.

To the Board of Trustees:  You have a partner who will execute the detailed plans of your policies. You have my word to communicate effectively.

To the Community:  We will meet to find innovative ways and lay out plans to take action to support our students. They are our future global citizens. I expect our partnerships to be holistic with businesses – large and small, family, private, and startups, faith-based organizations, diverse associations, and not-for-profit organizations. Our students need us to work together for our community’s future.

To the parents:  I hear you. We will focus on education and the potential of each of your children. I stand ready to meet, listen, and communicate with transparency. Know that my recommendations to the Board and day-to-day operational decisions will focus on student success.

To the administrators:  We will use solid systems to support the growth of our students. We will continue to use technology to help efficiency and communication. You lead our educational communities. Sharing best practices and communications between us will allow intentional success for each of our schools and students.

To the teachers:  You are here to teach. We will work to reinforce our systems and tools to allow you to do more teaching. We will recruit more teachers. We will retain them. We will bolster our classroom environment with values, respect, and behavior expectations through our shared vision of student success. You are an amazing group of teaching professionals.

To the staff:  I respect each of you and the role you serve for our students. I will be available and approachable. I give you my word that your career development is important to me. I am a product of professional education and development. I want you to grow as an example for our students as well. You are the backbone of our systems.

To the students: You are the reason for my career. I want to help create the conditions for your learning success in your way. I will visit you in your schools, your athletic venues, and your activities. Your success is my passion. You are our future. You are the reason that I said yes.

Richland County was named for its rich soil. We have been known for the richness of our education and the caliber of our graduates. We will build on our rich history for even greater student success.

With our parents, partners, and policies set by the Board, we will surround our students with a safe, caring learning environment built for their success. 

I look forward to serving in this unique role and making Richland County my home.

“I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference.”

– John C. Maxwell

Through collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, and a commitment to the well-being of every student, our district can pave the way for improved student success and a brighter future for all.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent those of my employer or any local, state, or federal government.

  • Dr. Moore thank you for your vision. I look forward to this vision being put into action by you and your administration, supported by the community. Thank you for being an “intentional” leader.

  • Congratulation as you take on this new assignment and challenge. May God guide you in the decisions that you will make in support of the students under your care. Semper Fi,

  • Congratulations, Kim, on your new position! You will be the best thing to happen for those children! All the best to you and James! Pat

  • To Richland District Schools – you have an opportunity here to be heard, loved, and grown. Use this time to flourish. In doing so, you will become the best you can be- don’t squander this opportunity. Your legacy is Dr. Moore’s legacy- it’s a very important matter. You are blessed!

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