October 26, 2021

One Leader’s Antidote to Anxiety


Do you often find yourself weighed down with anxiety and worry? Are you tempted to feel like you’re alone in this battle? You’re not! We live in an anxiety-prone world. Far more people than you can imagine grapple with this challenge, and the number is only growing each year.

As a mother, wife, and leader, I have experienced anxiety. Life is full of challenges, which increases our stress levels and may cause us to worry and be anxious. Our world has become more complex, and anxiety has risen, especially in the workplace.

Some professionals estimate that at least one-third to one-half of all Americans have significant levels of anxiety. Globally, various forms of anxiety are reported to be the most significant mental health challenge.

The impact of anxiety can range from mild to severe, from tiresome to devastating. Some forms of anxiety require serious intervention from professionals, often involving medication. Please consult a medical professional if you’re struggling with the devastating effects of anxiety.

Most people recognize that worry of any variety takes a toll on their mental wellbeing. However, fewer people are aware of the physical side effects. In the short term, our body’s natural response to stress isn’t harmful; adrenaline, increased heart rate, and blood flow help us focus on a problem and constructively deal with it.

However, stress that goes on and on, even if it’s related to everyday difficulties, produces unhealthy effects.

Apprehension about traffic, missing a deadline, meetings you’re not quite prepared for, interviews, crying children, more responsibilities than you can fit in; these everyday situations provoke a physical response.

There are also much broader categories:

  • Money and job security
  • The future
  • Health
  • Children
  • School 

That’s just the shortlist of topics that we humans are tempted to be anxious about!

Many of the things we worry about are small things, while others are significant. Some worries are rational, while others are in the irrational category. You may even worry about whether you’re worrying too much.

Dealing with anxiety is a part of life. But, unfortunately, as long as we’re in this present world, temptations to be anxious will always be close at hand.

The world offers a myriad of practical suggestions for battling anxiety; exercise, getting more sleep, support groups, individual counseling, therapy, and many others.

These ideas could help you to some degree. There’s no reason not to implement ones you find supportive. But, as a woman of faith, I have found it’s far more helpful to recognize that there is One who has conquered anxiety.

“Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

– Philippians 4:6

Because of God’s immense love for us, He shares in scripture that there’s a way to experience peace despite anxious thoughts.

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  • Many have a tendency to overlook the one counselor, friend that we can go to at anytime. He encourages us to talk to Him, supplicating in prayer. Thank you, beautifully said.

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