April 12, 2022

Vision is Important in Education


During a conversation with a friend that works in an industry other than education, I was asked if vision was important in education. Now, before I answer this question, let me set the stage for you with some context…

My friend started by asking me what my most rewarding job as an educational leader was? Without hesitation, my answer was being a Principal. However, I could tell by my friend’s reaction she was surprised by my response.

So over the next several minutes, I explained as the Principal I had the opportunity to cast and implement the vision for the school. I shared our journey to turn around a struggling school and change the lives of the students we had the privilege to educate.

When I finished my story, my friend asked me, “why is vision so important in education?’ She said everyone knows your job is to educate students.

I looked at her and said, our vision sets our direction. Vision is essential in education because it aligns us. It brings out our passion and gives us purpose because students are the reason we’re in the education business. It’s why I get up every day, and it’s what keeps me up at night. So I believe that vision is the cornerstone of education.

Once again, I could tell my friend was surprised by my response. So, I continued to share.

As an educational leader, I want to inspire our faculty and staff to overcome adversity to achieve our mission to equip students with the skills to compete in a global economy.

I believe every student has potential, and we have the opportunity to help them unlock their God-given talents and maximize their potential. It’s a calling and a privilege to educate students of all ages, genders, and races.

My passion to help students unlock their gifts and talents is the foundation of everything I do. When obstacles arise, I always remind myself of our collective vision, which serves as our true north. It sets our direction.

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future on.”

-Christine Gregoire

As educators, we shape and mold the future with our words and actions. Our vision sets our direction because it aligns with our purpose and passion. That collective vision guides our educational system, and I am honored to be a member of the teaching profession.

So, is vision important in education? You bet it is!


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  • Great thoughts, Kim. Us outsiders (non-educators) tend to oversimplify how education works. “We educate students” is not a vision. That’s a simplified mission statement at best.

    “We unlock students’ potential and equip them to compete in the global economy” is much better. It helps unite your teachers. I wonder if there is more refinement that will help them focus even more?

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