March 29, 2022

Why I’m an Educational Leader


Early in my life, my grandfather told me “to get my education because it was the one thing no one could take away from me.” Education is the key to opening the gate of opportunity. I am where I am today because of my education.

Recently I was asked by a friend why I’m an Educational Leader? Well, over the next 20 minutes, I shared my “why.”

As an Educational Leader, I can contribute more to students. I can change a child’s life! In particular, I can give students who look like me, traditionally marginalized students, opportunities to change their circumstances.

When you change a child’s life, they change their family’s lives, and their family changes the community. Ultimately, that community can become the change they want to see, making the world a better place.

To effect systemic change and create opportunities for every student starts with policy and procedures. As an Educational Leader, in partnership with the School Board, I can put systems in place to create unique and engaging learning opportunities for students.

Today’s families have many choices for educating their students; therefore, how do we reimagine traditional public education to become the parents’ first choice for educating their students? First, it starts with changing the 100-year-old factory model of education.

It’s my belief that education is at a watershed moment in time. It is time to reimagine the student experience. Education aims to equip students with 22nd Century skills to compete in a global economy. Therefore, we need to address issues that limit opportunities for students.

The pandemic shined a bright light on issues that have been bubbling below the surface for a long time, such as broadband and technology access, lack of access and opportunity to advanced academics for marginalized students, lack of instructional resources, and students’ social and emotional needs.

One of my favorite quotes is;

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

-Winston Churchill

So, how do we leverage the opportunities created by the pandemic to create unique, engaging learning experiences for students?

By bold leaders stepping up and putting systems in place to create learning environments that meet each student’s diverse needs we have the privilege to educate.

Now is the time, and I am one of those Educational Leaders!

Every day I look for opportunities to create, improve, and redesign systems to provide opportunities for students. Then, I make decisions that are best for students.

So, why am I an Educational Leader? To change students’ lives!


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  • Very committed, passionate. Educators today must have the love for humanity to change lives. Love your article and the passion you have for the profession.

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